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I have known Matt for many years and his qualifications are above reproach! I fully endorse him as Constable for the great county of MCLennan and will put my efforts and beliefs in him at any time. We cannot go wrong with a man so qualified and committed to the law of our great state! I fully urge you to support him in this run for Constable! — John Carroll
Former Lead Investigative Reporter
Matt’s a former Texas Ranger and U.S. Marshall. He’ll get my vote for any office he wants to run for! — Jessica Armstrong
I have known Matt for several years and find him to be an honorable and honest man. I have family that live in that area and I would like for him to be there to see that they are protected. If I lived in that area I sure would be voting for him. — Leonard Hall, Jr.

I have known Matt both personally and professionally for over twenty five years. Matt has always conducted himself with the utmost professionalism and integrity. As Constable of Pct.4 Matt will work hard for you and handle all matters that may come before his office in a lawful, fair and impartial manner.

*******VOTE MATT CAWTHON*******

— Coy Jones
Lt. McLennan County Sheriff Dept. (Ret.) // Tx. DPS (Ret)
I have known Matt for well over 10 years and in that time my respect and admiration for him has only grown. I consider Matt as one of the finest Texas Rangers to ever pin on a silver star. Matt truly embodies the idea of integrity. He's a great lawman, a loving family man, and a God fearing Christian. He's definately the right man for this job and I support him 100% — David Monthey

Matt has the knowledge and experience to take the constables office to a new level. With his training and ability to engage members of the community Matt will make the constables office known as a true law enforcement agency that will bring results.

— Kody Fahrenthold, Constable San Patricio County Pct. 6
I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Matt for 25 years. We have worked together in Law Enforcement and served in other capacities together. There is not a finer man with the integrity,character, and experience as Matt Cawthon to do the job. Vote Matt Cawthon for Constable of Precinct 4. — Brandon Blasingame
There are a ton of great qualities Matt has that would make him a perfect Constable. We don’t have enough time for me to mention them all. But this is a start…..He’s confident in what he believes, passionate about helping others and doing the right thing. He’s great relating to others, a wonderful listener and if need be, he can troubleshoot and diffuse any situation that arises. He’s able to have empathy and put himself in others shoes. He’s compassionate, trustworthy, hard working, dependable and loyal. No better man for this job, guaranteed. I can also say, he’s funny, has a kind personality and can also handle any important business thrown his way. Seriously, can’t go wrong with choosing him as the Constable for precinct 4! VOTE MATT CAWTHON! — Jennifer Pisarcik
I fully Endorse - Support - and Will Vote for Matt Cawthon for Constable Prec 4 McLennan County, Texas. — Jimmie D Kerr

I have known and worked with Matt for over 40 years. We worked in the same region as State Troopers and then again as Texas Rangers in Company F. I can think of no person that is more qualified or would do a better job as Constable than Matt Cawthon.


— Tommy Ratliff, Retired Texas Ranger and Sheriff, Hays County
I have known many Law Enforcement Officers in my life time and I must say Matt is one of the most sincere, honest, upstanding ones so for. It would be an honor to have him as our Constable for Precinct 4. You have my vote, Matt! Donna Owens — Donna Owens
Matt Cawthon and his family represent the best we have to offer as Texans. I couldn’t image supporting anyone else for constable! — Tracer Carter
Matt Cawthon has had a long and experienced career. I have no doubt that he will do an excellent job for the people in his precinct. — Sara Jones
I cannot think of anyone more qualified to serve as Constable PCT 4 in McLennan County than Matt Cawthon. He has an exceptional reputation in the law enforcement community, and has dedicated his life to being of service. His commitment to the community is self evident. He is the right man for the job! — Lacy Finley
I've known Matt for over 15 years. He's a man of integrity. He's one of the most honest men I know. I know our community would be in great hands with Matt Cawthron in office. He's a Law Enforcement officer first and a politician last. I would encourage everyone to vote for Matt. — Mark Chatfield
Matt is the perfect candidate for constable! With so much law enforcement experience under his belt, he has the wisdom, & understanding of how to handle situations & circumstances that arise! He is a man of integrity & honor & he values justice. McLennan county precinct 4 would be lucky to have him! — Laura Gibbs
I have known Matt Cawthon for almost 40 years. As a fellow State Trooper and Texas Ranger Matt and I have been through a lot together and I can attest to his honesty, integrity and accountability.  I have the honor and privilege to call Matt my friend.  There is no better person than Matt Cawthon to serve and protect the people of McLennan County Precinct 4.  — Jim Denman Lt., Texas Rangers (retired)
I gladly and proudly endorse and support Mr. Cawthon. I believe he will be a great asset to our county and a great leader! Matt is a compassionate and caring man. His experience alone speaks volumes. He is a man of integrity who will serve our county greatly! VOTE MATT CAWTHON, MCLENNAN COUNTY CONSTABLE, PRECINCT 4!!! — Jerry Brunson

I have worked with and been a friend of Matt for 30 years, best of friends. We Rangered together and raised our families together. He is in my top five list of best leaders and officers. More importantly, he is my top five of men I trust unequivocally.

Tony Leal Texas Ranger Chief, Retired

— Antonio Leal Texas Ranger Chief, Retired
I fully support Matt Cawthon. He is honest, experienced, and a man of high integrity. He is the perfect choice for McLennan County Constable Precinct 4. — Melissa Holt
My husband and I have known Matt for a long time…DD still has his speed dial set for Matt. LOL! He is a man who loves God and is just a good guy. If you live in Precinct 4, VOTE MATT CAWTHON! — Patti Davis
Matt is a fantastic candidate for Constable. He is an honest, hard working Texan. A man who stands for what’s right with the credentials to back it up. I’m not a Democrat or Republican but Matt has my vote anytime and I hope he runs for Governor. The public needs true leadership on his level. — David Maxwell
I enjoyed and appreciated your presentation to our Republican Party Executive Committee tonight. Count us in. Margaret and Wayne Smith Wayne - Pct. Chairman, Pct. 63 — Margaret and Wayne Smith - Pct. Chairman, Pct. 63
Matt Cawthon is one of the kindest, most sincere and honest people I know. His integrity along with his law enforcement background make him the best choice for McLennan County Constable Precinct 4. — Shannon M. Wiggins
In our 50 year friendship I have always known Matt to be loyal, honest and hard working. He has passionately served the citizens of Texas for 4 decades with dedication and integrity. Matt's training, experience and professionalism make him the perfect choice for McLennan County Constable Precinct 4. — Kathy Latimer
Despite what you might hear, Matt Cawthon is not a super hero. He is a mere mortal that loves law enforcement and the people that the law intends to protect. He desires to do what is right, and will endure hurt to see right done. He is simultaneously strong and courageous and kind and compassionate. I trust Matt to both nab a bad guy or take care of a toddler. He is my friend and I am proud to know him. — Mike Stegemoller
I can’t think of anyone more qualified to represent Precinct 4 Constables Office than Matt Cawthon. Matt has always proven to be a man of high moral standards, principals and integrity. I have worked with Matt at every level of law enforcement and know firsthand that Matt will always lay it on the line for what is right. Matt will be an excellent representative for McLennan County as Constable.  — Shawn Lippe
I've known Matt for over 20 years. I know Matt to be a fine lawman and friend. I have worked cases with Matt while he was a Texas Ranger and also when he was on the US Marshals fugitive task force. Matt became Chief Deputy of the McLennan County Sheriffs Department in 2013 and was a good leader. He will make a fine constable and serve the people of McLennan County with dignity and respect. — Johnny Spillman
I definitely support Matt Cawthon! — Kevin Kelly
"Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching." ~ C.S. Lewis If ever there was a quote significant with an individual the above describes Matt completely. He is passionate about his work and passionate about the pursuit of what is right. He is a protector in all forms of the word and has even stood by our family through some terrible times. I am so proud to endorse Matt for McLennan County Constable Precinct 4 because everyone deserves someone like Matt in your corner. — Debbie Dennis
Not only a great lawman, but a great friend too. I fully support Matt and recommend the same from all! — Rusty Garrett
When elected, I know Matt will do great things for McLennan County as constable! — Amanda Gibbs
I have known Matt for 11 years, and he has been a great friend and confidant. Always the first person to ask me if I need any help, and last person to leave when I need it. Thank you Matt, you are the right person to lead precinct 4. — William Gibbs
My name is Bill Donaldson and I am retired McLennan County Constable Pct 1 (24 years) and I have know Matt Cawthon for over a decade. What you see is what you get with Matt, an awesome lawman with great integrity. We have had many conversations throughout the years and he is an honest man with strong moral principles and values. I respect Matt and am endorsing him for McLennan County Constable Pct. 4. — Bill Donaldson, McLennan County Constable PCT 1 (ret)
I know Matt Cawthon personally. He is one of the most genuine, honest people I know. A God-loving man who is able to view complicated situations objectively. Matt's extremely high level of integrity and valuable experience make him the perfect candidate for this position. He will inevitably be a huge asset to McLennan County. — Ali Thornton
In Season 5 Episode 21 of The Andy Griffith Show, deputy Barney Fife signed up to run for Sheriff against Andy. Long story, short. Barney voted for Andy !! What I'm saying is, I'm a Cawthon man right down the line. Matt will be the most qualified and experienced Constable Precinct 4 has ever seen! Please join me in electing my friend and old neighbor, Matt Cawthon!! — Steve Kroll
I am proud to endorse my friend Matt Cawthon for McLennan County Constable Pct 4. I have known Matt personally for a few years but have known of Matt for a lot longer due to his reputation as a fine lawmen. I have lived in precinct 4 my entire life and would be grateful to have an individual with such integrity and willingness to help and protect as my constable. — TP Holt
I am backing Matt Cawthon 100%. — Micah Kroll
If you are looking for honesty and integrity in a constable for McLennan County, Matt Cawthon is your man. I may be a little biased being his son in law, but being so has given me the opportunity to see him behind closed doors. I have seen him put others' needs first since the day we met and he never meets a stranger. He is a strong leader and will always do what is right. There is not a finer man for McLennan County Precinct 4 Constable than Matt Cawthon. — Andrew Gibbs
I have worked for Matt Cawthon for three years. He is humble, trustworthy, and a hard worker. These three things would make him an excellent fit for the constable position. — Jed Stegemoller
Matt Cawthon’s experience speaks for itself. I have known Matt for 50 years, we went to school and college together. He was at Texas State on a track scholarship. On a personal level I know him to be an intelligent, dedicated, law enforcement official. And for me a mighty good friend. — Robert Tulloch
My name is Doug Still and I have had the honor of calling Matt Cawthon my friend for over 30 years. I have had the privilege of knowing Matt on both a personal and professional level and have always found him to be loyal, honest, trustworthy, and respectful. Matt is uniquely qualified from his years in law enforcement with the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Texas Rangers, and the McLennan County Sheriff’s Department to be the Constable of Precinct 4. I reside in Precinct 4 and know our Precinct will be better served by having Matt as our Constable. His experience, compassion, care, and commitment for the Constable Position make him the perfect person to serve in this capacity. Please join me in electing my dear friend and the absolute most qualified candidate, Matt Cawthon, as the Constable for Precinct 4. — Doug Still
Matt is a friend to everyone he meets, and a true law man with incredible integrity. He will make an outstanding Constable for the citizens of McLennan County. — Carol Ann Gibbs
I have known Matt since he was a state trooper in Bell county Texas. He is a dedicated law enforcement officer who has served in many positions. He is knowledgeable in all areas of the law and has a common sense approach to law enforcement. Being a retired law enforcement officer myself, I can think of no one who could do a better job! — Joe Hammond, Chief of Police, Morgan's Point Resort (retired) The Colony Police Department (retired)
I’ve known Matt for 43 years and you will not find a more honest individual running for office. Integrity is a synonym for Matt. When I needed help for a friends daughter who was on her way home from college, Matt dropped everything and got her flat fixed at 11pm She was scared to death, by herself, and 20 miles from anything. Compassionate, honest, and fair is the kind of person this world needs. Matt is this kind of man, we need more Matt’s! — Michael Davis
Matt Cawthon has been in law enforcement since I have known him. I know that he will do an outstanding job as constable. He is a man of integrity and grit. I trust Matt both personally and professionally. He will be an asset to our city, county and state. I encourage you to join me as I endorse Matt. — Gina Adkins
Matt is a true servant to the citizens he serves and always does the right thing. We need leaders like him and I'm so proud to volunteer for this campaign and endorse him for McLennan County Constable PCT4.  — Shelly Cawthon

To the Fine Citizens of Pct. 4 McLennon County, I have known Matt over 25 years and was honored to work with and supervise him while we served in the Texas Rangers. He was an exceptional Texas Ranger who consistently carried out his duties in a professional manner. He worked tirelessly to ensure that no stone was unturned in each of his investigations. He respects others and ensures those around him does likewise. There is no doubt in my mind that Matt will serve each of you with distinction. Please join me in my strong endorsement of my Friend, Matt Cawthon, as the next elected Pct. 4 Constable. I ask that each of support and cast your vote for my Friend, Matt Cawthon.


— Earl R. Pearson Chief, Texas Rangers (retired)
Matt Cawthon has a long, successful career of public service and law enforcement. Matt is more than qualified to serve the public of McLennan County as Constable in PCT 4. — Caleb McCaig
I am proud to endorse Matt Cawton for Constable. Law enforcement has always been his passion. He would be a great choice. — Cecil Christopher
I have known and been friends with Matt Cawthon ever since our day's as Criminal Justice students at Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos. Matt's dedication, and drive to become a Texas Lawman were obvious then and were proven over and over during his many years with Texas DPS as a State Trooper and as a highly respected Texas Ranger as well as his additional time with the State of Texas and McClennan County. Personally, having been Blessed with two fine careers in the US Navy SEAL Teams and the Houston Police Department, I have had the good fortune to work alongside some of our Nation's finest warriors and States most exceptional law enforcement professionals. Matt is among the top tier of those I have served with. And his return to law enforcement exemplifies a calling, with fortitude, that few are willing to answer as our country struggles with good vs evil and right vs wrong. Matt is strong, honest, kind, respectful and extremely intelligent. He knows what right looks like and I believe he will continue to serve the residents of McClennan County PCT4 and the citizens of Texas with a Warrior sprit and a Servant's heart. I offer my most enthusiastic endorsement to Matt Cawthon for PCT4 Constable — Chris Nicola, Navel Special Warfare Operator (SEAL) Chief (Retired)

I have known and worked closely with Matt since 1983. We both began our DPS careers with the Texas highway Patrol and closed them out with the Texas Rangers, almost 30 years later. Matt is well educated, well spoken, experienced and respected in all areas of law enforcement by those that know and have worked with him throughout the years. In today’s tough times, I am most certain his attitude and demeanor toward all members of the public is what is needed to calm the storm. I could not pick a better candidate for the position of McLennan County Constable, especially since I grew up there, namely West. My father and sister both retired from McLennan County after lengthy careers and I believe their support for Matt would be equal to mine. I ask the voters of Precinct 4 to strongly consider supporting Matt as I believe that he would be a perfect fit as your elected Constable.


— Otto Hanak, Washington County Sheriff, Texas Ranger (retired)
I cannot think of a single more qualified, competent and professional individual than Matt. I’ve known Matt both professionally and personally for decades and he is the epitome of integrity, trustworthiness and common sense. I whole heartedly recommended Matt for the office of constable. He will loyally dedicate himself to his community with the serious commitment to duty and service that position deserves and that Matt has demonstrated in law enforcement for most of his adult life. — Jimmy Brigance, Resident Agent in Charge of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
Matt Cawthon is one of the finest persons I know. Being a retired law enforcement officer myself, I had heard of Matt long before I met him. He had a reputation for being an honest man and a tenacious lawman. When I finally met Matt, that’s exactly how I found him to be. Honest, ethical, extremely competent, and yes one of the most tenacious lawmen I have ever worked with. We became fast friends and I loved working with Matt. When he retired from the Rangers, I had the privilege of hiring him for the Office of the Inspector General - Texas Department of Criminal Justice, and assign him to the US Marshals Lone Star Fugitive Task Force in Waco as a Special Deputy United States MarshaI. I cannot imagine a person better suited or more qualified for McLennan County Pct. 4 Constable, and I hope the good people of Pct. 4 realize how fortunate they are to have a man the caliber and character of Matt Cawthon willing to serve them in this capacity. — Terry Cobbs, Commander, Special Operations Division, TDCJ-OIG (retired)
I was pleased to learn that Matt Cawthon is re-entering the law enforcement community in McLennan County. There is no finer example of a true law enforcement professional that what you see in Matt and his selfless service to the people of Texas. I have known Matt for decades and have been witness to his rise through the law enforcement ranks and his ultimate appointment as a Texas Ranger. He earned that appointment because others noticed his character, integrity, work ethic and positive attitude. His service record in the Rangers and serving the McLennan County area has set a standard for others. Texas constables work very closely with their constituents and the public. Matt has the dedication, discretion, and excellent judgment that this position requires. I am a resident of Precinct 4, and fully endorse Matt Cawthon for Constable. — James Scoggins
Matt Cawthon is a straight shooter. Proudly cast your vote for a genuine public servant with the ability and character to get the job done the right way! — Shane McDowell
I’ve known Matt for 50 years. He is a man of integrity. His commitment and loyalty is to the public he serves. His law enforcement career speaks for itself. — Mel Malone
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Norm Townsend
Judy Gunn
Dennis Nutt
Frank Kapavik
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Lindsay Johnson
Debbie Dennis
David Kelley
Den Jones
S. Brady Whitaker
Scott Geiger
Marcia Horn
Andrew Gibbs
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David Carpenter
Celina Fuller Eastland

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